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11-9-13 Karate Charlotte St. Jude Fundraiser (1)

Karate Charlotte St. Jude Fundraiser — November 9, 2013

Congratulations to Mr. Mike Streicher and the students of Karate Charlotte for having a fun and successful St. Jude’s Fundraiser.  They broke 1,000 boards and raised $3,900.  Add in some brick breaking, pie throwing, and a lot of fun.

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American Martial Arts Institute Ki Nung Life Newsletter

Ki Nung Life Newsletter

Each month, we put out the Ki Nung Life newsletter.  This newsletter not only helps with martial arts training and leadership skills, but also helps with life skills.  Select any of the editions below to download a copy.   Download the latest copy today:      You can also download any of our previous editions: Download June/July …

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June 8, 2012 -- AMAI National Champion Awards Ceremony

2011-2012 Champions

  On June 8, 2012, the AMAI held their first award presentation for our National Champions.  Each champion was awarded with a certificate and a patch that they will be able to display proudly on the pants leg of their uniform.  Each champion got to shake the hands of the AMAI Masters, including now 8th-Degree …

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Jack Smail leads a Workout

2012 Leadership Camp, West St. Paul, MN

Master Amanda Olson and Master Dave Youngmane held an Adult Leadership Camp that was hosted by Jenna Bushey & Legacy American Martial Arts.  Everyone learned a lot and had a great time.  

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2012 AMAI Tai Chi Retreat -- Johnson City (3)

2012 Tai Chi Retreat — Johnson City

On September 28 – 29, Olson’s Martial Arts Academy in Johnson City, Tennessee, hosted their annual AMAI Tai Chi retreat led by Master Amanda Olson.  Here are some pictures from that weekend.

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April 20, 2012 - Christian Triplett - Taber's Black Belt Academy

The AMAI’s Newest Black Belts

Check out the pictures of our newest black belts from all of our AMAI schools.  Click on the picture to view them full-sized.

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  AMAI Training Video: Nun Chuck Inverted Wrist Release TitleAMAI Training Video: Nun Chuck Inverted Wrist Release Runtime0:51 View count234 TitleAMAI Push Hands Drill #1 (Tai Chi) Runtime0:43 View count213 TitleAMAI Training Video: Speed Kick & Advanced Kick Tournament Competitions Runtime4:32 View count163 TitleAMAI Push Hands Drill #2 (Tai Chi) Runtime0:45 View count147 TitleHayden senior …

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2011 Destin Nationals (58)

2010 – 2011 Kingwood National Tournament

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Destin Nationals 2012 (99)

2012 Destin Nationals Photo Gallery

The 2012 Destin Nationals took place on June 8 & 9 at the Emerald Coast Convention Center in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. We started out on Friday night with the presentation of our 2011-2012 Champion Award Ceremony (click here for photos of our champions) We then moved on to a St. Jude Board Break demonstration …

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St. Jude Events

Here are pictures from some our St. Jude Fundraising events.  

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Judges Clinic

2011 – 2012 Johnson City National Tournament

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AMAI Montgomery Regional Tournament

2011 – 2012 Montgomery Regional Tournament

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