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The AMAI Leadership Programs are designed to be fully integrated into your current system of teaching.

AMAI Leadership Program and Class Planners:

The AMAI Leadership Program was developed by Master Amanda Olson – 7th degree black belt. Its purpose is to equip the school owner and head instructors with a quality program to teach leadership in their local school. The easy to follow class planners will make your classes run smoothly and teach those in your classes everything they will need to know in order to progress through different leadership and instructor levels. When your students attend a leadership/instructor seminar they will be prepared!

The AMAI Jr. Leader Program was written by Master Kevin Mathis. This program takes your Junior Leaders on a journey that teaches respect, teamwork, perseverance, many other great character qualities, as well as advanced weapons and community service. Your Jr. Class will amaze you by what they can do when challenged the way this program challenges them.

There is a visual recognition system in place for the Junior Leaders beyond just the Red/White/Blue collar. Each junior is able to earn colored stars that will line their dobok (uniform) pants. These stars enable the Junior Leaders and all those in the school to know how much these kids know!

Facilitator Manuals:  One of the AMAI’s largest areas of concern is the PROPER dissemination of material! “Regional Variance” is a code word for “Lack of Quality Control!”

  • With the facilitator Manuals and the certification process the AMAI incorporates, there is no room for an instructor to ‘wing it.’ This is NOT to say that instructors have to do everything exactly the same. However, it IS saying that there are standards in the curriculum, and those standards are to be kept by everyone in the AMAI.
  • The Junior Leader Facilitator Manual will take you through every step of the Junior Leader Manual. Broken down into monthly themes, weekly drills and specific activities to do in your Leadership Class.
  • The Adult Leadership Facilitator Manual walks your students step-by-step into becoming a well-qualified instructor. The Facilitator Manual gives specific time allotments for each drill as well as general guidelines to running your Leadership class. No school owner or instructor will ever have to ‘wing it’ while teaching your Leadership class – - and like your regular students, the Leadership team will know exactly what they are supposed to test on prior to advancing to the next level!

Adult Leadership Camp 2011 — Roan Mountain, Tennessee