We provide the AMAI curriculum to our schools through training, manuals, and videos.  Once you become a member of the AMAI you will receive detailed information on the programs you purchase as well as training materials.  You will also get the AMAI annual marketing plan.

For more detailed information, please review the AMAI programs below (Note:  The following  prices are for schools, not individuals.  If you are a student who is interested in learning more about the programs we offer, please scroll down):

Ki Nung Taekwondo                             $595.00                       (monthly fee also applies)

AMAI Traditional Weaponry                   $295.00                       (monthly fee also applies)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu                                    $295.00                      (monthly fee also applies)

Chen Style Tai Chi                                  $295.00                      (monthly fee also applies)

Karate KUBs                                            $295.00

High Octane                                             $249.00

safetyNETkids                                         $249.00

Adult Leadership:  Included with any Taekwondo curriculum purchase /  $295.00 seperately

AMAI Adult Leadership Program – School Owner Overview

Purpose:  To educate people in the area of leadership and martial arts instruction.  To build confidence in individuals so that they can reach their life goals and individual potential.

Vision:  Provide materials for school owners to teach sound leadership and instruction techniques to their students and to assist them in building a strong and competent instructional staff in their own schools.  To encourage and equip individuals in opening their own AMAI schools.


In your local leadership class:

Each AMAI school owner should receive the leadership programs in their manuals along with class planners for each.  This information is for you to teach from each week in your adult leadership classes.  That way, when your students attend an AMAI certification clinic or camp, they will be well prepared.  Please begin teaching this material as soon as possible.

At an AMAI certification seminar:

Seminars will be held in locations that are convenient for as many people to come to as possible.  Students can move through the seminars and level up from the blue collar to the red collar to the red/black collar. Moving from red/black to solid black may only occur at a certification camp.  A seminar last approximately 6-8 hours and a camp will last 3 days and two nights.  There is not a written test for the black collar certification.  This will be primarily a physical knowledge and teaching skills test based on the student’s previous training.  The concept is that once you have gone through both seminars, you will have the information to complete your instructor certification.

American Martial Arts Institute


The AMAI uses the Ki Nung (functional) style of Taekwondo.  Our fully integrated approach was developed by Master Kevin Mathis.  What do we mean by fully integrated?  The forms, self-defense, board breaks, and training drills are all related. The self-defense moves come directly from the students’ form The board breaks come directly from the students’ form …

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This program is designed for our youngest martial artists ages 3-6.  Our proven systematic teaching program for this age group will make your classes run smoothly and the parent’s will be thrilled with all of the extra information their pre-schooler is learning about health and safety.  This program helps prepare these youngsters for your regular …

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Tai Chi Retreat

Tai Chi

The AMAI Tai Chi curriculum is based on the Chen Style 48 form.  Master Amanda Olson is our Head Tai Chi Instructor. For several thousands of years, Tai Chi has been a fundamental part of the Chinese medical system to maintain one’s health by way of meditation and Tai Chi forms.  The Chinese characters for …

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Weapons - Eskrima Sticks


Welcome to the American Martial Arts Institute’s weaponry program!  This program was developed by Master Kevin Mathis as a means to further one’s knowledge of the various weapons used in the AMAI, and to be able to utilize and flow with the weapon as an extension of oneself.   Enrolling in this program indicates your strong …

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Jiu Jitsu Organization Association

Jiu Jitsu

The AMAI. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu curriculum is based on true Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Our lineage is based in the Machado lineage. Every School owner who is a member in good standing with the American Martial Arts Institute has access to a Basic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Curriculum. This “Basic” curriculum will get a school owner familiar with the concepts …

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American Martial Arts Institute


The AMAI Leadership Programs are designed to be fully integrated into your current system of teaching. AMAI Leadership Program and Class Planners: The AMAI Leadership Program was developed by Master Amanda Olson – 7th degree black belt. Its purpose is to equip the school owner and head instructors with a quality program to teach leadership …

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Each school that is affiliated with the AMAI is automatically introduced to the outstanding safetyNETkids program! This program is endorsed by Code Amber and is being used nationwide by thousands of people. Your AMAI school will be a nationally recognized safetyNETkids school and able to host Child Abduction seminars in your community. In a fun, …

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