Amai borderless logo (1)Welcome to the American Martial Arts Institute (AMAI).  We are dedicated to helping students and instructors reach their full potential as martial artists.

Students who train at an AMAI affiliated school can expect the best martial arts training available from certified instructors.  Some of the exciting arts you may find being taught at your local AMAI schools include:  Taekwondo, Tai Chi, Weaponry, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, KUBs, Leadership programs, character development, child abduction prevention, bully programs, and more.  AMAI students can also enjoy  participating in our  Tournament Program.

School owners who join the AMAI have access to all of our martial arts curriculum programs in addition to exceptional programs such as safetyNETkids, High Octane Demo Team Program, and the AMAI student tournament circuit.  We also provide direct business development support such as organizational planning and marketing information to help you succeed.



The American Martial Arts Institute (AMAI) was established in 2005 with the primary goal of networking with other Martial Arts

Martial Arts Association school owners who wish to expand their teaching, personal training, and business knowledge.  Our goal is to help school owners succeed so they can continue passing on the values and skills they fell in love with as students themselves to their students.  The AMAI leaders can give you working models of successful schools with proven business practices that are ethical and effective in helping to expand your enrollment and reach out into your community.  We are dedicated to helping instructors reach their full potential as martial artists, business professionals, and community leaders; and in turn we hope they will pass on those leadership skills to their students.  We want all of our members–school owners and students–to succeed!  Our leadership programs and curriculum are unparalleled and give you what you need to get right into teaching and making your students strong martial artists.

Students who train at an AMAI affiliated school can expect the best martial arts training available, including: character development such as discipline and focus, advanced martial arts, traditional Taekwondo, child abduction prevention, bully programs,weapons training and much more.  This is taught by dedicated instructors who care about your progress.

To help you reach your goals, we provide our school owners with:

  • A complete yearly marketing plan that is not only simple to use, but these materials have been proven to work for school owners just like you.  Even if you are new to the industry, this plan is straight-forward enough to begin using right away.  You will also receive information on how to streamline your business so you can spend more time teaching and less time doing paperwork.
  • Fully integrated Taekwondo curriculum.  For example, self-defense drills, sparring combinations, and board breaks come directly from the student’s form, thus giving the student a better understanding of how each move should be performed.  The students will practice the moves or series of moves over and over again in many different ways thus helping their skills become faster, stronger, and more of an automatic reflex.  We want AMAI students to have great form and great sparring skills while feeling confident that what they learn in class will help protect them and their families should the need arise.   The style of Taekwondo we teach is Ki Nung, which interpreted means, “functional form.”  You will see this clearly after the first class in which you teach or train.
  • School owners who join the AMAI have access to exceptional curriculum programs, such as safetyNETkids, High Octane Demo Team Seminars, Jr. and Adult Leadership programs, Karate KUBs (preschool Taekwondo), and the AMAI student tournament circuit.
  • We also offer curriculum in martial arts traditional weapons, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Chen style Tai Chi for those schools who wish to expand the programs they currently offer.

Why Choose the AMAI?

Why choose the AMAI?  Here are the best reasons for both students and school owners: Students who train at an AMAI Affiliated school can expect the best martial arts training available, as  well as access to: The National AMAI Tournament Circuit An individual web page showing each students’ martial arts rank history and tournament standings …

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American Martial Arts Institute Masters

Masters of the AMAI

Currently, the Master of the AMAI are like-minded in providing support and quality training for all of the AMAI members.  Our Master Instructors are hands-on at each of  their own schools and ready and willing to help all AMAI school owners. Each one has made martial arts their life’s work and love to train and teach.  To …

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founders 2

Principles & Ethics

The Founders of the American Martial Arts Institute realize they are not only martial artists, but leaders and role models to many. With this in mind, they would like to offer you their Guiding Principles for our organization.  Founders Kevin Mathis, Chick Mathis, Amanda Olson, and Glenn Olson

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St. Jude Children.s Research Hospital

As part of teaching leadership skills, the AMAI feels it is important that our students learn how to give back and help those in need.  We have selected St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as our sponsored charity, and it is our goal that ALL AMAI schools hold a St. Jude’s fundraiser each April.  In 2011, …

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Knife Defense Sparring Combined

Two Leadership Camps Coming Up–Each With Its Own Training Focus

The April 4-6 Leadership Camp will be held at Olson’s Martial Arts Academy in Tennessee.  On May 2-4, Youngman’s American Martial Arts will host Leadership Camp in Minnesota. Both camps will use the new, updated leadership material. However, each camp will have its own concentrated focus. In Tennessee, students will learn Knife Defense techniques.  These …

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Flemings Martial Arts Logo

Montgomery Invitational AMAI Tournament

Master John Fleming and Flemings Martial Arts will host the next AMAI Tournament on Saturday, March 15.  He will hold all Taekwondo and Jiu Jitsu competitions.  Click here for complete information and to download your registration forms.

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